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Liliane Huesler

Project flyer »Weisser Hirsch«, at a  mental health centre



Liliane Huesler

Email: lilianehuesler@hotmail.com

My name is Lili and I am an art therapist registered with the HCPC. I gained work experience in different mental health hospitals, hospices and therapy centres in England, Germany and Switzerland such as the Woodbourne Priory Hospital in Birmingham and the Day Hospice in Dresden, Germany. I have worked with individuals with a wide range of mental health issues, from grieving processes to more complex and long-term difficulties such as eating disorders, Alzheimer s and psychosis; I am aware of the diversity and unique needs of each service user. 
Through examination and analysis I learnt of the importance of individualised art therapy processes, for example in a case where I worked with a client at a hospice and connected her personal visual diary with the art therapy sessions. The evaluation of the case and the art therapy process show how effective this personalised method for the process of the client was, from which the inclusion of the client through her images, from outside and during the therapy, formed a coherent whole. The subject of my graduate-thesis was; Visual processes linking the visual diary and art therapy in the case of Mrs May (translated from German). I experienced similar outcomes with other patients whether it was at the Alzheimer s centre or on the general psychiatric ward.

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